Now user-brand interaction becomes an adventure

Swace is a social gaming platform where users gain rewards for engaging with brands

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Our journey since 2015 and into the future

2015 Q3 - 2016 Q1 Concept created
2016 Q3Prototype created
2016 Q4Development launched (iOS)
2016 Q4Legal setup in the United Kingdom
2017 Q2Development launched (Android)
2017 Q2Legal setup in Lithuania, EU
2017 Q3MVP testing, UX/UI design
2017 Q4MVP presented at Web Summit, Lisbon
2017 Q4Selfiemus rebranded as SWACE
2018 Q1Swace Foundation legal set up in Lithuania, EU
2018 Q3Pre-sale
2018 Q4 – 2019 Q3 Rebuilding codebase, API, UI/UX, iOS, and Android
2019 Q2Introducing the new Swace token
2019 Q3IEO and exchange listings
2019 Q4Swace APP testnet
2020 Q1-Q4COVID-19
2020 Q4Codebase update
2021 Q1Codebase update
2021 Q2Swace APP v1.0
2021 Q2Swace NFT v1.0
2021 Q2Swace Marketplace v1.0
2021 Q3Locations and AR games
2021 Q3Swace Stream
2021 Q4Expanding to other markets


Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies.
Ian Scarffe
An entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in international business management, has founded and developed several successful businesses including, most recently, Transcount and decentralized payment network Transcoin.
Dovydas Riasnojus
Head of Business Development
Experienced developer focused on serverless, scalable cloud solutions using microservice architecture. He is a senior software engineer at NFQ, specializing in custom mid/large scale projects using Symfony and Laravel frameworks.
Paulius Kaminskas
Tech Lead
The figurative pen and paper of Swace at hand, communicating with different sorts of stakeholders and coordinating marketing activities. 8 years experience in strategic communication, interpersonal and intercultural communication, sales, team building, branding, and advertising.
Ehab Abaideen
Communication Manager
A highly creative Brand, Community, Events, Media and Campaign Director with a proven track record and extensive knowledge in Social Media and Communications across Gaming, FMCG, Fashion, Music, Mobile, Banking, Mass Media, The Arts and Blockchain.
Lesley Salazar
Brand Manager
Co-founder of Device Origin with extensive experience in designing corporate, informational and personal websites as well as online shopping solutions, web and mobile applications with uncompromised usability and engaging UX.
Vaidas Barauskas
Head of Design
Over four years of experience in Android developing from first Hello World application to network restrictions, messaging, file sharing, truck navigation, dynamically generating views etc.
Marijus Sebeckis
Android developer
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems programmer, ex CTO CapitalCrypto, Token-based project Adviser. Researched more than 100 ICO/STO/IEO projects. ICO models development: functional, investment, financial & token.
Vladimir Akimov
An iOS developer for over 4 years, strong in object-oriented programming, Cocoa Touch framework, as well as MVC programming pattern.
Darius Janavičius
iOS Developer